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Modern technology has made its way into every segment of our lives. 3D rendering is one such technology that has helped us visualize things with open eyes. It has eliminated the need to arrange cumbersome photoshoots, and has changed the way in which furniture is designed.
We, at Render Furniture, are leading providers of 3D rendered images. We have a team of qualified, experienced engineers, designers, and artists, who strive to deliver excellence. Our sole purpose is to satisfy our clients, to give them the perfect photograph to attract potential buyers, and we spare no effort in achieving our goal.




With appropriate dimensions and a simple photograph, we hold the ability to produce a plethora of products that are bound to titillate the customer’s senses using 3D visualization. Product spins, angular displays, realistic colors, shadows, textures, 3D models, and more are only a few clicks away. Also, our AR and VR technology brings out the finer attributes in products making them ideal for online and print advertising.

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Furniture manufacturers for too long have dealt with the menace associated with photo shoots for their catalogs. A single photo shoot invites huge investments of time and money. Any piece of furniture has to be designed, created and then modeled for the photo-shoot. A sole design comprises of expenditures on the furniture as well as photography.




Multipurpose products with extended inbuilt features have taken over the market. Simple or 3D images are sometimes not enough for furnished goods loaded with complex and diverse features. Advanced furniture calls for a progressive advertising strategy. Here our 3D animations come to rescue. Demonstration of product transformation, functions, and usability via our animation, offers effective marketing visuals to attract customers.

What They’re Saying

“We have used the Render Furniture team several times over the last few years to undertake various projects for us, predominantly product and insitu renders. The finished product, service, and time frames have always been excellent, often exceeding our expectations. Their professionalism and expertise is outstanding. I would recommend the team highly.”

Brett LydonMarketing Manager

“Our sales team caters to several unique industries that seek personalized and innovative products. Render Furniture has been a key partner in helping us achieve those goals. They provide a wide range of services with quick results. The quality of work is exemplary and aligns with our culture of excellence. We highly recommend Render Furniture's services for your next project.”

Kris BensonDirector of Sales

“The services we have acquired from Render Furniture on several of our projects have been an overall good experience. They provide a variety of different services that are up to the mark and regular with quick results. The end product and operation have always been exceptional, sometimes exceeding our requirements. The team is helpful, understanding and adaptive to our ideas, suggestions and changes.”

Paul MougelBusiness Developer

“In recent years, we have used the Render Furniture services multiple times to carry out different projects for us, The service is satisfactory and the quality is up to the mark. We have always received the service on-time and within our desired frame of schedule. The team is highly professional, yet friendly and approachable. We would continue to work with Render Furniture and recommend it to others too.”

Melanie GrayMarketing Manager

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